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Education Assistance for NepalA note from Geoff Martin and Mingmar Tenzing Lama to all our valued friends:

When in Nepal in 2001 it was very noticeable that the children in the schools, although happy and reasonably healthy, had no educational aids whatsoever.

The schools were basic mud brick structures with no lighting or windows, the children sat on dirt floors or wooden benches and there were no pencils, paper, erasers or any of the essentials that our children take for granted in their everyday life. At lunch or after school there were no sporting aids for the children to play with, not even a ball to throw around.

At the time, we had taken some simple items which were given to the teachers for use in the schools and were amazed at the sheer delight on the faces of the children when a ball was produced for a game of catch.

Education Project“Shoebox for Nepal”
Over the last few years “The Shoebox for Nepal” was developed. We linked with trekking groups to distribute the equipment in packages small enough to be carried by the Sherpa and Porter network. A good Sherpa friend in Nepal named Mingmar Tenzing Lama has since distributed many of these packages. This program is ongoing.

“Sponsor a School”
The next stage of assistance was to select a couple of schools at Lower Secondary and Secondary  Levels. The two schools have been chosen and are just outside the main centre of Kathmandu. Shree Kunchipwakal Lower Secondary and  Shree Baundeshwor Higher Secondary.
Educational equipment: To improve the educational standards at those schools we have delivered about 50kgs of educational aids.
Extra training for the teachers: We will also improve the standards at these schools by providing funds to retrain teachers and for those Aussie teachers willing to help we will provide direct training in English, Maths and Science.

Education Project NealAs an extra we are providing some incentives for five students starting in 2011 to give them a chance to study further and put their training and skills back into the community. These scholarships include Nursing & Teaching.

Our Aim over the Next Two Years:
Every child will receive an exercise book, pencil, eraser, ruler and sharpener each year. Every Teacher will receive Kit with stamps, pad, pens, markers, stapler, geometry set etc. Teacher programs designed for each subject area. Pre School, Kindergarten, Year 3-8 Primary,Year 8-12 High School (English, Maths and Science).  Once voluntary Australian teachers are found for the programs they will be supplied with equipment to instigate the program at the schools. Scholarships has been started since January 2011. 1 x Nursing (Midwifery), 1 x Primary school teacher, 2 x English High School Teachers (1 Male & 1 Female), 1 x Scholarship to be determined by School Board and See Nepal Travel.

ManitaThanks to everyone who has helped put our nursing student Manita Shrestha through the first three years of her course. Starting with a trivea night in Fortser we have been able to raise enough money to cover most of her course fees to date. Mingmar and myself have supplemented as well. This year Mingmar, myself and Lenore have contributed enough to start the final year for her. We still need some funds and would appreciate any help.

The Trekking group met with Manita and her father in Kathmandu - we are so proud of her achievements. We also took 10kgs of educational needs for the schools.

Education ProjectSO WHAT CAN YOU DO!
If you feel that you could spare $20,$50, $100 or more it would assist Manita Shrestha to complete her final year as a nurse and midwife.

Direct Deposit: 
BSB: 062603
Accnt No: 10456434
Australia only.

Direct Deposit Nepal:
Mingmar T. Lama
Bank Name: Himalayan bank Ltd.
Thamel, Kathmadu, Nepal
Account Number: 223430J

Education Project2. If you are interested in sponsoring a student in full or in part, please let us know so that we can initiate the first moves.

3. If you are a teacher and interested in the program please contact Geoff Martin @ Tel: 0408862292 or E-mail:

4. I would like to know if anyone has access to an outdated laptop through a large company or government department. These would be upgraded to the desired standard and taken to Nepal for the schools.

An account has been opened specifically for this purpose. This account will be administered by Geoff Martin or a committee member as decided. Money will be deposited direct from you or from donations at Taree Camping/Barbeques Galore, 20 Albert Street, Taree, NSW, Taree. Transfers will be made to a special account in Kathmandu on a regular basis. This account will be administered by Mingmar Tensing Lama. 

A bank reconciliation will be provided every quarter and distributed by email for your perusal.
Bank Details: - BSB: 062603 Accnt No: 10456434

See Nepal Education Program 
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